–       Because Dinker Pickleball just doesn’t sound right!

BANGER PICKLEBALL was founded by two long time friends and competitive racquetball players, Dean Desiderio and Gary Coman who fell in love with the game during Covid-19 in 2020.

Racquetball, a fast-paced, low shot, hard-hitting game, provided the basis for Dean and Gary’s Pickleball journey – just like everyone else! Early on, Gary approached Dean and asked, “Do you know what they call people like us?” Dean responded, “What?”  “BANGERS!” Gary replied, and it was on that day BANGER PICKLEBALL was born.

Today, BANGER PICKLEBALL operates for all things pickleball.  Our friends and fans have easy access to affordable BP branded equipment.  We also look to create better ways for organizing games. We dedicate our time helping new and inexperienced players find a home with us, and we fully organize and support our very own annual benefit tournament for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).  Our business has grown quickly from a retailer of pickleball equipment to a direct manufacturer of our own products. Our local group that started with six has now grown to over 300 and we have only just begun.

OUR VISION is to one day be every Pickleballer’s most trusted source for gear, swag, tournaments, meet-ups, and lots of fun, while still raising awareness of the greatness of pickleball for everyone. We will accomplish this through loyalty to our partners, honesty in our dealings, becoming friends of our fans, and always making ourselves available to help and serve others.

At BANGER PICKLEBALL, we don’t want to be the biggest.  We just want to have the biggest fans.

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